Rwenzori Mountains National Park

The Rwenzori Mountains National Park is an Uganda National Park located in the western part of Uganda on the border of Uganda and Congo, Mt Rwenzori is the second largest mountain in Africa after Mt Kilimanjaro it is one of the famous and renowned Protected Areas (PAs) of Uganda located in Southwestern Uganda, and its peak is called margarita, this is Africa’s 03rd highest peak.

Rwenzori Mountains National park provides a vast of opportunities and activities to see nature at its finest. Its vegetation life ranges from the dense tropical rainforest, bamboo woodlands, and cloud forests to high-altitude vegetation is so outstanding. It covers the highest point of 5,109m above sea level on Mt Stanley’s Peak called “Margherita Peak. The mountain is rich in Glaciers and snow. The lower slopes are covered by attractive vegetation with closed canopies of natural trees, shrubs, climbers, herbs under the canopy and other types of vegetation

The Mountain Park was christened and inaugurated as the “Mountain of the Moon” by a Geographer called Alexandrine Ptolemy in 150AD, it also covers altitudes of 0° 06’ South and 0° 46’ north to Longitudes of 290° 47’ West and 300° 11’ east. The park is bisected by the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with borders on Mt Stanley. The Mountain has got other Peaks including Margherita; 5109m on Mt Stanley, Vittorio Emmanuel; 4889m on Mt Speke, Edward; 4842m on Mt Baker among others. It is said that Ms. Beryl Park is the only oldest person with 78 years old who has ever reached this peak (Margherita).

The Rwenzori mountains National Park covers an area of 996 sqkm (size) which was gazetted in 1991, it was later in 1994 acknowledged as UNESCO’s world heritage sites and later was endowed/declared as a RAMSER site in 2008. It was published/placed on the World Map on May 24, 1888, and labeled it with a poor spelling of “Ruwenzori” meaning “Cloud-King”. The mountain is believed to be the source of the World’s longest river; R. Nile (under debate) created the name of “Mountain of the moon” (by Ptolemy, 150AD).

Mount Rwenzori national park is mostly known for Mountain climbing, Hiking, trekking, nature walks, research, bird watching, scenic views of nine lakes, waterfalls, butterflies viewing, and view of the Panoramic Virunga National Park of DRC connecting to Kitandara central circuit among others which are the common activities on this park collectively under tourism including climbing pleasure trips or safaris with or without summiting the Margherita.

The Bakonjo, Bamba and Bawisi-speaking people are the communities surrounding the park who have lived on the foothills of the mountains for over 150 years where culture has been adapted on the slopes in in the Mountains with the stunning climate of the Rwenzoris. These communities have benefited from the park through tourism, medicinal herbs, firewood collection for fuel, food in form of fruits, employment, research, culture, security (the park floras keep them, cultural performances, international and national relationships (friendships), knowledge and skills of conservation, increase in the market for other local commodities during the sale of food to tourists and in lodges and many others importance.

Rwenzori mountains national Park Guide offers you all you need to see and know about the splendid Mountains of the Moon, such as the best time to Visit the Park, Trekking routes/trails, how to get to the Park, attractions, Rwenzori mountain peaks, beautiful affordable lodges and hotel accommodations that range from moderate to high luxury class within or outside the park, Suggested Rwenzori Trekking Tour Operators, as well as what to wear/what to pack? (Rwenzori mountaineering gear/equipment)