7-Day Adventure itinerary in Uganda

Uganda, the “Pearl of Africa,” is a land of endless wonder and adventure. From its diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes to its rich culture and vibrant markets, Uganda has something to offer every traveller.

Nature Nest Safaris is your trusted guide to unlocking the secrets of this extraordinary country. With our expertise and passion, we will craft a unique itinerary that caters to your interests and ensures every day is an unforgettable experience.


Your 7-day adventure in Uganda will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. From the wildlife encounters to the stunning landscapes to the rich culture, Uganda is a country that has something to offer everyone.

With Nature Nest Safaris as your guide, you can be sure that your journey will be seamless and unforgettable. We will take care of all the details, so you can relax and enjoy your time in this extraordinary country.

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Detailed Itinerary of 7 days adventure in Uganda

Day 1: Arrival at Entebbe International Airport or via any of the country’s boarder points

As you step off the plane in Entebbe, you’ll be immediately captivated by the Uganda’s stunning natural beauty. Lake Victoria, one of the world’s largest lakes, stretches out before you, its shimmering waters surrounded by lush green hills.

Your first day will be spent relaxing at your hotel and soaking up the tranquil atmosphere. In the evening, you’ll enjoy a welcome dinner and get to know your fellow travelers and your Nature Nest Safaris guide, driver and staf

Day 2: Entebbe Wildlife Education Center and Botanical Gardens

On your second day, you’ll visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC), where you’ll have the opportunity to see some of the country’s most iconic animals up close. UWEC has a collection of many animals and birds closed up in limited areas for easy access and views. From snakes of different sizes to the big five animals; and chimpanzees, UWEC is home to a wide variety of wildlife.

In the afternoon, you’ll explore the Entebbe Botanical Gardens, a beautiful oasis on the shores of Lake Victoria. The gardens are home to a variety of plants and flowers, as well as a number of bird species

Day 3: Drive to Jinja and Visit the Source of the Nile

visit to the source of nile ugandaOn your third day, you’ll embark on a scenic drive to Jinja via the country’s capital city Kampala. Jinja town that sits at the source of the Nile River surrounded by falls and lake Victoria- one of the largest lakes in the world. Along the way, you’ll pass through sugar cane plantations, natural forests especially Mabira Forest, rolling hills and lush forests, giving you a glimpse of the country’s stunning countryside.

Once you arrive in Jinja, you’ll visit the Source of the Nile, a sacred site that marks the beginning of the world’s longest river. You’ll have the opportunity to take a boat trip on the Nile and learn more about its history and significance.

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Day 4: Drive to Mbale and Explore Mount Elgon National Park

Beyond Jinja on the eastern side is almost a 4hour drive to Mbale. Mbale is one of te country’s Eastern Cities. It’s the gateway to Mount Elgon National Park. Mount Elgon is a dormant volcano that rises over 4,300 meters above sea level. The national park is home to a variety of wildlife, including several species of animals.

You’ll spend the day exploring the national park and hiking to some of its many waterfalls. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit a local community and learn about their traditional way of life. One of the most spoken about foods in the region is  ‘emalewa’- a traditionally prepared kind of bamboo preserved food, with a good smell of smoked fish. You will definitely have a taste of unforgettable experience

Day 5: Visit Sipi Falls

On your fifth day, you’ll visit Sipi Falls, a series of three waterfalls located on the slopes of Mount Elgon. The falls are surrounded by lush green vegetation and offer stunning views of the mountain.

You’ll also have the opportunity to visit a coffee plantation and learn about the process of coffee making

Day 6: Drive back to Jinja-Mabira Forest and Enjoy a Night Safari

On your sixth day, you’ll drive back from eastern Uganda to central Uganda passing Jinja district again. We can make a stop over at Busoga’s palace known as the Kyabazinga’s palace; Proceeding the journey we meet Mabira Forest a tropical rainforest located just a short drive from Jinja. Mabira Forest is home to a variety of wildlife, including monkeys, snakes, and birds.

In the afternoon, you’ll go on a night safari, giving you the chance to see some of the forest’s nocturnal creatures. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about the forest ecosystem from your nature nest safari experienced guide

Day 7: Depart from Entebbe

On your seventh and final day, we shall embark on the drive to Kampala for the final parts of the journey visits several places within the country’s capital city. Within Kampala lies the national Museum with several historical assets that deserves your attention. There are several other cultural destinations within the city that could be a good choice for us to visit.

By evening hours we can set off on a 20minutes drive back to Entebbe and enjoy a dinner together you’ll say goodbye to your new friends and your Nature Nest Safaris guide and depart from Entebbe International Airport