Nature Nest Safaris: Who We Are? Our Goals, Our Missions, Vision

Nature Nest safaris is a Ugandan licensed travel and tour agency. At Nature Nest Safaris are passionate about Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda and it is our honor to introduce you to the tourism world. At Nature Nest Safaris, we are determined at assisting you to get not just any vacation, but exceptional vacations, holiday trips filled with inspirational, life-enriching and splendid experiences.

We have been in the tourism industry with a couple of accomplished projects, from a basic service company to a prominent company  in the travel and tourism industry .The company is a member of Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO), Uganda Tourism Association (UTA), Uganda Tourism Association Board (UTB)

Our Company is dedicated to promote Uganda as a tourist destination, offering wide-ranging and inventive solutions to ensure our clients’ maximum satisfaction, aiming at exceeding their expectations within the context of excellence, quality, accountability, and fairness, justifiable and sustainable growth.


To provide well-organized services to our clients and guarantee quality workmanship successively because our staff comprises of experts in travel and tourism industry.

To serve our client with enriched travel knowledge and experience by providing high class services that address their travel requirements, through the most competent, well organized engagements so that customer allegiance superior, commercial results and exceptional customer fulfillment can be realized.


To reinforce our position as the leading tourism company providing high class, inventive, advanced, competitive and communally responsible services in the region.

To be the most reliable and respected Travel Agency recognized by our clients for delivering excellence

Managing Policy

Our Company is committed to promote Uganda as a tourist destination, offering comprehensive and innovative solutions to satisfy our clients’ needs, seeking to exceed their expectations within the framework of quality, responsibility, equity and sustainable development and sustainable development

Who we are

We are a team that creates unique and socially responsible travel experiences, providing services beyond expectations

Our Team

At Nature Nest, we a team that works collaboratively to associate our family of explorers to unsurpassed and outstanding travel experts around the ecosphere. We are a diverse team from different areas of the country and the world, able to express multiple languages, and have covered the far-flung angles of the globe. This team creates pleasure and excitement for our visitors as soon as the clients connect to our website through the linking of top travel specialists to ensuring outstanding experiences on the trips, our team is dedicated and strong-minded to make a difference. Click here to meet the team behind

Our promises to you

At Nature Nest, we pledge total commitment and assurance to our clients

The Top Travel Specialists

We guarantee that each travel dedicated expert on Nature Nest’s network is among the high-end travel agents and tour operators – these are specialists whom we rank as the top 10%, or certainly, the top 1%, in the industry. We have spent numerous amount of time pre-qualifying and selecting these experts and where each travel expert partner on Nature Nest is independently and accurately vetted by us. This is to guarantee super quality, our clients should expect to be only matched with specialists who are true experts at customizing your specific journey.


Book & Travel with Self-assurance

Assurance to Malleable Terms:  As the pandemic’s impact on travel is evolving briskly. Nature Nest is constantly working with our travel associates to offer better booking and flexible rescheduling terms to protect your travel venture. This is intended to help you plan and book your trips with self-confidence, and assurance. These terms will be clearly and precisely communicated to you prior to your booking.


Assured quality Health & Safety: Because of the Covid-19 era, it is very significant for travel to be accompanied with health and safety attentions. Therefore at Nature Nest together with our travel specialist partners promise considerations as below:

Preparation for your health and safety conditions: The consideration of factors such as avoiding crowds, physical distancing, availability of hand sanitizers and masks among other measures

Extraordinary health and safety values: We ensure a thorough selection of suitable hotels, restaurants, guides, etc. that achieve our high quality health and safety standards.

A 24/7 support and instant alterations: The ability to alter schedules and routes to adapt due to several unpredicted situations.