Day 1 Lemosho Glades

After an early morning breakfast, you will make your way to the Londorosi gate on the Western side of Mount Kirimanjaro, this is a few hours drive from Arusha. You will begin you hike at Lemosho trailhead. What to put in mind is that in the rainy seasons sometimes the vehicles cannot make it to the trailhead so there can be some extra hiking.

After having your lunch, you will hike for about 4 hours to the forest camp. In the forest, exotic moss and flowers delight the eye while bird calls entertain the ear. Expect to see Black and White Colobus Monkeys as well as signs of the Elephants that move in the area.

Overnight stay at Forest Camp, Hiking in 4-5 hours. Overnight Altitude 9,498

Day 2 Shira Plateau

As you leave the Montane Forest and enter the Hagenia zone, you will catch your first views of the Kibo peak. This is a good acclimatization hike, as you go up and down several ridges along the way to your highest point of the day 11,500 before descending to camp. Overnight at Shira 1 Camp. Hiking: 6-9 hours, Overnight Altitude 11500

Day 3 Moir Camp

You will pass through the Health zone of the Shira Plateau and begin climbing the western slope of the Kibo Massif. Along the way, you will enjoy a picnic lunch at Scott Fisher’ memorial camp (the well- known Mt. Everest guide). You will continue on to the upper heath zone and Moir camp. Depending on the weather, acclimatization hikes can be arranged in the afternoon. Hiking: 5-6 hours, Overnight Altitude: 13,580

Day 4 Pofu/Buffalo Camp

Hiking in about 4-7 hours depending on stops along the way. You have quite a ridge to climb up as you depart Moir Camp, so it’s best to start out very slowly until you reach the ridge. This is a great acclimatization day. Hiking is in 5-7 hours, overnight Altitude: 13,200

Day 5 Third Cave Camp

Continue your traverse around the northern side of Mount Kilimanjaro with fantastic views as you find your way to the Third Camp. Hiking: 5-7 hours, Overnight Altitude: 12,700

Day 6 School Hut Camp

This time round, you will get into your highest elevation camp. Try to get to bed early for some rest before you start your night time summit ascent to Gilman’s Point through Stella Point and for the final push up to the summit. Hiking: 4-5 hours, Overnight Altitude: 15,600

Day 7 Summit and Mweka Camp (Millenium Camp)

You will start your ascent to the summit (19,340ft- 5,896m) around 11:00 pm to mid night. The goal for you and numerous other climbers is to reach the peak right at sunrise. Due to differences in hiking speed, energy and altitude acclimatization, there are several hour span where most climbers reach the summit. Using headlamps, you will ascend 6-7 hours to Gilman’s point, traverse the Crater Rim to Stella Point and then up another 1-2 hours to Uhuru Peak, the summit. Note; bring extra lithium batteries which last much better in cold dark conditions. After having photos at the summit, descend to Barafu Camp for lunch and then to Mweka Camp to sleep overnight. By advance request, you can sleep at Millenium camp.

Hiking: very variable on both the up and the down; 13- 17 hours typical summit 19,341’. Overnight Altitude:10,065’

Day 8 – Mweka Park Gate

You will make the final descent to the trailhead and it will take 3-5 hour hiking. Here you will have lunch and head back to town.And thats bring to the end of the safari to Mount Kilimanjaro