Animal watching/viewing

Animal viewing is a spectacular activity within Mount Kilimanjaro national park because it is rich with different vegetation zones that make the park a perfect home to various animal species that can live within any of the vegetation zones. There are over 30 species of animals within the park both small and big game animals. The various animals within the park include Bushbucks, Elephants, Bushbabies, giraffes, leopards, hyenas, baboons, Dik-dik, Duiker, Cape buffalo, black rhinos, monkeys, antelopes, aardvarks, mongooses, porcupines, honey badgers, tree hyraxes and many others. Visitors are usually escorted by park rangers to ensure they are safe thought-out the activity which enables visitors to enjoy their experience to the maximum without discomfort.


Mount Kilimanjaro national park is the only park that welcomes you in a different style to the extent that you are received by the sweet sounds and songs of the different forest birds that are found within and across the park. The Park is home to over 150 bird species with the majority being forest birds, the park majorly has permanent and migratory bird species that arrive at the park at a certain period of time mostly from Asia. Mount Kilimanjaro national park is that stop park for bird lovers because the park also has endemic species of birds that cannot be viewed anywhere else apart from this particular park, the birds within the park include goshawk, blue-napped mousebirds, black-shouldered kites, African fish eagles, bee-eaters, African Pitta, Narina Trogon, Silvery-Cheeked Hornbill, Trumpeter Hornbill, Turacos with species like Violent Crested Turaco, Rose Turaco, Hartlaub’s Turaco, Schawlow’s Turaco, Cuckoos with species like Lark-Heeled Cuckoo, white brown Coucal, Emerald Cuckoo, Klaas Cuckoo, Kingfishers with species like Malachite Kingfisher, African pygmy kingfisher and many others for the bird lovers. Take a step to experience birding within Mount Kilimanjaro national park because you won’t regret the birding experience

Visiting Lake Chala

In brief history about Lake chala, the lake is a crater lake type that was created due to volcanic activity. The lake is located between Tanzania and Kenya which is around 30 minutes drive from the town of Himo. The transparent lake covers an area of 1.6 square miles. Lake chala is a geological link to Mount Kilimanjaro national park and it draws water via the underground streams of Mount Kilimanjaro. The lake is a deep freshwater lake that has different water colours like stunning emerald green, midnight blue and turquoise blue but the water colours depend on the time (weather) or period of the year. Lake chala is also the only home to the endangered Chala tilapia and not forgetting that the lake is also a spot for swimming activity although there are no available lifeguards for the activity.

Cycling/ Mountain biking.

Cycling or mountain biking is another awesome activity within Mount Kilimanjaro national park because as you follow the trails, you will have a better experience of the park like filming activities, picnicking, and also exposure to the Chagga people. Cycling within the park is done in two routes, the Kilema route for summit-bound cyclers and the Shira plateau for non-summit cyclers. The cycling activity gives visitors a chance to improve on their physical health as it offers them a chance for outdoor exposure to the gorgeous surroundings around the park. it is recommendable that only people who know how to ride motorcycles take part in this activity even if a guide is usually assigned for the cyclers. Using mountain bikes also incurs additional costs for cyclers.

Guided nature walks:

Nature-guided walks are usually done within the park around the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro Forest canopy. Nature walks give visitors a chance to see various primates like the black Columbus monkey, red-tailed monkey and the olive baboon, there are also a lot of plant species around that can be viewed during the nature walks


With 13 picnic sites, Kilimanjaro national game park is that park that offers you the best of the best picnic experience.  Some of the picnic sites are Mgongo wa Tembo, Daraja Refu, Kilimamchele, Jiwe la Mbula, Baranco junction, Morum, Uwanja wa ndege, Jiwe la Ukoyo, Machame halfway and many others with some sites along the hiking routes being the best for having packed meals as you move towards Africa’s roof


Filming is also another activity that can be done from the highest free-standing mountain. Filming within the mountain Kilimanjaro national park has ever scooped an award from the Oscars at the 25th Academy awards in 1952. Filming the panoramic views of the park could also add to your best moments within the park


Camping around Mount Kilimanjaro national park will also give you that perfect and enjoyable bush experience. The Park has 32 camping sites with some sites located along the hiking routes. Camping is a comfortable activity that offers you accommodation including the bush toilets which just perfect your experience.