Activities in Kibale Forest national Park

Chimpanzee Tracking and Trekking in Kibale Forest

Chimpanzees are main prime attraction for many tourists kibale national park, chimpanzee trekking has been happening in kibale forest since 1993, which is done twice a day that is early morning at 8am and afternoon at 2pm giving you an opportunity to choose the conducive time for you but morning is highly recommended, the early visitors can also watch chimps leaving their overnight nests in between 6:00 -6:30 am before feeding, hunting, copulating, breastfeeding , patrolling, resting and also displaying until the time to build the new nests around 7pm. You can be sure to find chimps when the sticky fruit of the huge fig trees ripen, at other times your guide will know where to find them. You will meet with our team of rangers and guiders for briefing and guidance, and learn some expectations while in the forest and other wildlife in the park. The trackers go before the tourists to search where the chimps nested the previous night and locate them, they relay this information to your ranger who then leads you towards the chimps location, you might have to be prepared to walk long distances because of the constant movement of the chips from one tree to other, we advise our clients to carry some protective since the weather at Kibale forest is sometimes unpredictable, these items include; comfortable waterproof boots, binoculars, camera for better view and take some memorable moments respectively, jackets, sweaters, long sleeved pants and shirts.

Birding at Kibale Forest Park

Kibale National forest Park is among the biggest forest birding destinations spots in Uganda harboring more than 350 species of birds of which six are endemic to the region. The forested nature of Kibale national park is major reason for such high number of bird species, Bigodi Wetland sanctuary just in the outskirts of Kibale National Park has about 138 bird species that complement the number of birds that traveler can see. There are four major species in Kibale National Park that have not been seen in any other Uganda national parks and these include Nahan’s francolin, the masked appalls the blue-headed bee-eater and Cassin’s spine tail.

Birding at Kibale National Park is done best on a guided forest walk giving tourists an opportunity to spot variety of birds, the well developed hiking trails in Kibale national Park make simplify hiking of the forest while on the lookout for birds, Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary is the best spot for bird watching since it is a community project which most experienced local guides take birders on more than four-hour walking trail searching for various birds species.