Bird watching at Lake Mburo National Park

Birding is one of the major activities in Lake Mburo national park because of its varied habitats that support several species of birds. The park is home to 315 bird species which include Crested Francolin, Emerald-spotted Wood Dove, Brown Parrot, Barefaced Go-away bird, Red necked Spur, common Quails, Black-billed Barbet, Greenwood Hoopoe, Blue-napped Mousebird, Lilac-breasted. There are high chances of one sighting the rare African Finfoot, shoebill, African fish eagle, malachite, and pied Kingfishers, while on the boat safari on Lake Mburo. It offers a unique experience of bird watching because of its diverse habitats.

Game Viewing

Lake Mburo national park is endowed with several wildlife and bird species species among which you may lay your eyes on, they include but not limited to Elands, antelopes, buffaloes, giraffes, topis, warthogs, zebras, water bucks and impalas. Besides the park is the only in Uganda that is home to the impalas. Other features to look at while at the park are the alluring beautiful sceneries, the parent rocks and savanna. Other unique wildlife can also be viewed when on decides to take a night game, such wildlife include the leopards, bush babies and porcupines. Game drives are the finest method to see wild animals. On wildlife drives in Lake Mburo, many animals and birds can be seen. The park is Uganda’s sole destination with Impalas and the only park in Western Uganda with the Burchell Zebra. On wildlife drives, leopards are infrequently spotted. The scenery is beautiful, with undulating hills, lakes, and marshes where Tanzania crosses Uganda. Game drives at Lake Mburo often last up to 4 hours. There are game drives in the morning and afternoon. Morning game drives frequently begin at sunrise (06:30 a.m.), and afternoon game drives begin late in the day (at around 3:00 pm). Game drives guarantee one an amazing opportunity to see the parks constituents namely the bird and wildlife species.   Game drives are conducted by guides under close supervision of the UWA rangers who are designated to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Boat cruise at Lake Mburo National Park

For many tourists, the existence of Lake Mburo inside the park is actually a blessing that has so much to offer. The time for every boat cruise is open to discussion however it normally takes 2 hours. Lake Mburo National Park has a diversity of plant plus animal species which may only be clearly seen if you embark on a boat cruise. You will see numerous crocodiles, hippos and birds such as Pelicans, the rare shoebill stork, Black crake, fish eagle, Heron and cormorant, all worth seeing on your Uganda safari holiday.

Horseback riding at Lake Mburo National Park

The unique aspect of Lake Mburo national park is the ability for one to carry out a game viewing exercise while riding a horse. This fascinating activity gives the park a distinction from the rest of the country’s national park as horse riding while viewing wildlife can only be done at Lake Mburo National park. The activity is done at Mihingo lodge under the guidance of trained staff in conjunction with the park rangers.  The horseback ride in Lake Mburo Park can take 1-3 hours as you explore the beauty of the national park savannah coupled by the view of the wild game. This experience is quit breathtaking imagine you seated on a horse   moving into the savanna to watch wild game. It riding can also be conducted in the overnight as you head to the savannah at night, will be amazed by sounds of the wildlife and probably that of the horse you ride on.

Bicycling at Lake Mburo National Park

At Lake Mburo national park, a number of activities keep springing up, bicycle tours around the park.  It’s a unique way of adventuring the park and its confines.  The bicycle rides at the park take a maximum of 1 hour and it guarantees you a view of zebras, elands, buffaloes, antelopes, bush bucks and many more. All the bicycles tours and rides are well guided by Uganda wildlife Authority rangers, who know specific areas to venture in so as to have the best wildlife view. The few challenges encountered while on the bike trail is the nature of the terrain; some areas are hilly while others are sloppy. But all in all the    bike trails guarantees one quite an amazing experience.

Nature and forest walks

Lake Mburo national park is open for walking safaris as long as the guests are in company of a ranger. The rangers will lead you to the areas with high allocation of animals like the salty rocks. The walk to the western side of the lake is done starting at 7 am and there are likelihoods of seeing the hyenas returning to the dens and hippos returning to the water. The woodlands and forest provide perfect opportunities of those interested in forest birds. The walk to the top of the hill will reward you with amazing views of 9 of the regions 14 lakes. You will also have a guided walk with an armed ranger towards the salt lick and then you will see the animals as they link the salty soil that are found there.


Cultural tours around Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is surrounded by Banyakole Community which has created ‘Ankole Cultural Center’ to highlight the history and customs of their Kingdom, this cultural center is situated outside the park near the Sanga gate, this center introduces you the traditional culture of the area and the local ways of life, furthermore visits to the villages gives one an opportunity to look at how Ankole people daily live done, how they grow crops and how they graze their long horned cows. One of the attractions is the milking of the long horned cows.