“Land of Lava, Springs, Man-eaters and Magical Sunsets’

The Tsavo West National Park is originally part of the Tsavo National parkThe park was divided in two parts and is separated by the road. This originated from the splitting of the park into two when a main road was passed through. The park is 9065 square kilometers in width along a highway that runs from Nairobi to Mombasa. The park can be accessed through two different direction as its between Nairobi and Mombasa. The beautiful, rugged wilderness, savannah ecosystems comprising of open grasslands, scrublands and Acacia woodlands put it as the most attractive park in Kenya.As most of the visitors knows a famous park called Masai mara but Tsavo National park is one of other parks in Kenya you shouldn’t miss to visit.


The Tsavo West Park was part of the Tsavo National Park before it was split into two to get the East Tsavo park too.The park was too big and they where able to get two parks.

Around the 19th century, the British and German explorers wrote about the people who lived in the Nyika lands. These were the Orma and the Waata who were hostile to them during their travelsto kenya and against their interests. In the late 19th century, the British began colonizing the lands of Kenya and built a Uganda Railway in 1898 that crossed the Tsavo national park land. The maleness lions at that time attacked the constructors and claimed their lives to a number approximated to be 135 Indian coolieswho where constructing the Railway. This led many to flee the place and Tsavo national park  remained a homeland to the people of Orma and Maasai pastoralists and also doubled as hunter-gatherers until 1948.

During the yearof 1948, the land was gazetted as a national park and the inhabitants relocated to Voi and Mtito Andei lands. Therefore, after the Kenyan Independence in 1963, the hunting of animals in the park was banned and its management was turned over to the authority of Kenya Wildlife Services up to today.Due to strict rules and regulationson protecting wildlife the number of animals started increasing which in turn attracted the tourists from different countries hence increasing on kenya income through the tourists


The park is located 240km from Nairobi, while its also 250km from Mombasa. Therefore, one can access the park using either road or air transport means. Carrental4x4 is available to hire you  4X4car to take you through kenya.our cars are highly trusted even off road due to the service and mechanical conditions of the car


There are three airstrips in the park that is Kamboyo, Kilaguni, Ziwani and Maktau. These travelers can book the air tickets prior to the visit/travel. If one doesn’t access inside the park, ticets can be accessed at Wilson airport, Jomo Kenyatta international airports that lead you to to the different airstrips within.


One a can still access the park using the main route through the Hyulu Gate from Mombasa. The visitors can use the Tsavo East gate near Manyani. This is a 5-6 hr drive on the road which is so scenic.


There is no tourist who can travel such a long journey to see nothing. With all that in mind, Tsavo West national park had them catered for with attractions which include;

Animals on Tsavo West National Park

The park has about 70 animal species with the African big five. The common animals one can view at the park is Hippos, Cheetah, Leopards, Rhinos, Lions, Kudu, Olive baboons, Zebras, Topi and Buffaloes. All this can be enjoyed during the game drive with 4x4car either with a driver/Guide of on self drive

Lands of lions in the ancient of 1898 during the construction of the Uganda Railway attract tourists to see where the great ‘Man-eaters of Tsavo’ resided. The skin and skulls of these lions that were killed by Lt.-Col. John henry Patterson who was the bridge construction supervisor were kept at the Field Museum of Natural History in the Park.


The parkis said to record over 400 bird species where the greatest number concentrates on the Ngulia hills. Among the recorded are the threatened Corncrake, Basra Reed warbler, Goldenn pits and the African finfoot.

Mzima Springs which produce 50 million gallons of crystal clear water which gushes out to make the most attractive scenes in Africa. Many travelers move to watch these waters oozing out of the underground from the bottom of the lava rock.

The Vibrant Volcanic Arena where the molten lava of about 200 years ago spewed from the earth. This was though locally believed to be the Devil’s work among the lands.

Ngulla Sanctuary. This area of the endangered black rhinos which have since 1960 been poached. This makes a great attraction point to gaze at by the tourists to complete the African big five list.

Poacher’s look and roaring rocks; these give the park abound panoramic vintage point from which tourists can view the large free-grazing herd of elephants.

Lake Jipe; This has one of the best view for one to watch birds in the park. The lake lies astride the Kenya-Tanzania borders with fresh waters to quite a number of aquatic wildlife like crocodiles, hippos, and birds themselves like the African fin foot.


Game Viewing

The travels in the park, give tourists a chance to view the various wildlife animals inclusive of the African big five. These game drives can be done in the  early morning and evening being the best rewarding when most animals are resting with night game drives possibly the same.

Rhino Tracking

One cannot complete the African big five without rhinos. This attracts tourists to closely come and watch the rhinos at a very close range.

Bird Watching

The park has over 400 species of birds. These include the migrant bird species owing to the park being in a migratory route of these birds. This fact increases the chance for one to spot a number of birds while bird viewing. The birds can best be viewed during the wet season when they are breeding. The Taita fiscal, Somali ostriches, Narina Trogon are among the commonly sighted bird species.

When to visit the park

The park being in savanna vegetation that means the climatic condition don’t affect its vegetation and all animals are available hence the park can be visited through out the year.

But if you don’t want jam in the park you can visit the park during the low season that is  Sept-November and march- may.in pick season the tourist are very many in the park and you may not enjoy the game drive when people are many