top activities and things to do in Rwanda

The top activities and things to do in Rwanda

Gorilla Trekking in the Volcanoes National Park: The Volcanoes National Park is arguably the most visited wildlife conservation site in Rwanda. Each year thousands of international visitors go to the park to see mountain gorillas alongside other popular activities. The park has 10 habituated Gorilla groups and only 8 people may track a particular group in a day.

Visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre The Genocide Memorial Centre is a moving and sobering reminder of the horrors of the Rwandan Genocide. The centre honors the memory of the victims and provides a space for education and reconciliation. Here you can learn about what happened during the genocide and how Rwanda is working to move forward. The Genocide Memorial Centre is located in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city

Watch Intore dancers Present at most weddings and at the base of gorilla tracking, Intore—meaning dance of the heroes—is a beautiful and exciting artistic tradition unique to Rwanda. Intore dancers are skilled professionals, and the chance to watch their complex choreography and grace is a special experience.

Spend time in Kigali, Kigali being Rwanda’s capital, is quickly transforming into a vibrant and exciting city. Providing an eclectic mix of tradition and modernity, Kigali has a lot to offer. With markets, art galleries, hikes, and more, Kigali is a city on the move. Check out Go Kigali and join one of its fascinating tours around the city.

Bird watching: This activity is done at anytime of the year in Rwanda, the vegetation in the country provides habitat for birds practically everywhere in the country. There are Albertine Rift endemics, Rwenzori and Virunga Endemics and many additional species that contribute to Rwanda’s total of 650 bird species. Parks such as Nyungwe, Volcanoes, Akagera National parks, Marshlands, Marshes and Agricultural sites are some of the greatest sites to visit for the best birding experience

Kayaking; there are various kayaking options on and around Lake Kivu and the twin lakes in northern Rwanda, one can also go for boarding or taking a boat excursion around the lakes, stopping at numerous islands.

Visiting the King’s Palace Museum in Nyanza town: In the past, Rwanda was ruled by a King with the last being King Rudahigwa Mutara III and his replacement King Musinga Yuhi V. Lack of acceptance by all ethnic groups and conflicts with the Leading tourist attractions in Rwanda-Belgium colonizers led to the abolishment of the kingdoms. What now remains is the palace in Nyanza. This palace has been turned into museum for visitors who are interested in learning about the country’s past. The palace was built during the reign of King Rudahigwa Mutara III with support from the Belgium government. If you are visiting the southern part of Rwanda or are on your way to Nyungwe National Park, ensure that you stop at the Museum. The Museum has artifacts and information dating back to over 200 years ago.

Chimpanzee Trekking in Nyungwe National Park: In Nyungwe forest, Rwanda has one of the oldest afro-montane forests in Africa. This forest is found in the South Western part of the country and is Tourism in Ruandahome to 13 species of primates including chimpanzees. Nyungwe forest is one of the last strongholds of the Angola Colobus and Golden Monkeys. While exploring the forest, visitors have over 15 trails to choose from for a nature walk

Game drive in Akagera National Park: Akagera is Rwanda’s only savanna park covering an area of 1,085 square kilometers. Akagera National Park is composed of swamps, savanna plains, woodlands, lakes, rivers and terraced hills. It is now home to all the Big 5 animals (Lions, Rhinos, elephants, Buffaloes and Leopards) hence offering tourists a chance to experience a full wildlife safari in Rwanda (Taking into consideration other activities like gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, cultural encounters and mountain climbing). Akagera is also home to olive baboons, blue monkeys, vervet monkeys, hyenas, leopards and hippos to mention a few. Apart from standard game drives, Akagera is excellent for birding, nature walks and sport fishing in Lake Shakani.

Visit Coffee and Tea Plantations: Rwanda is known for exporting some of the finest tea and coffee in Africa. In fact, tea is the leading export of the country while the quality of the coffee has won many international awards. Coffee and tea farming is aided in part by the fertile volcanic soils, high altitude and good weather in the country.

Explore Musanze Cave: The cave is located in the Volcanoes National Park, and visitors can take a guided tour to explore the inside. You’ll be amazed by the stalactites, stalagmites, and other rock formations inside the cave. Be sure to bring a jacket – the temperature inside the cave is quite extraordinary. The cave is home to various bats, and visitors can explore the cave’s many chambers and tunnels. A tour guide is required, and tours typically last about an hour.

Hiking Mount Karisimbi: Rising over 4,500 meters high, Mount Karisimbi is one of the tallest mountains in Africa. The mountain is found in the Volcanoes National Park and is one of the 8 volcanoes found within the wider Virunga ranges in Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. Hiking Mount Karisimbi takes two days. Though challenging, the hike rewards participants with beautiful views of the Virunga ranges, the lava-spewing Nyiragongo volcano, national parks in Uganda and Congo. Hiking mount Karisimbi is usually combing with gorilla and golden monkey trekking in the Volcanoes National Park.