Sipi Falls

The name sipi was derived from the word ‘sep’ which is a name of a wild banana-like indigenous plant that grows along the banks of the Sipi River, this plant can be used as medicine for treating fevers and measles by local people in that area, Sipi Falls lies at an altitude of 1,775 meters. The hikes can be difficult and muddy, but they’re deserving of your energy. When you stop to look at the beauty of the falls, you’ll forget about your aching feet and mud-stained trousers. Sipi Falls consists of three waterfalls each flowing from different altitude. The highest waterfall drops from an altitude of 100m referred to as the main fall since it is the last fall in the series, this fall is a little bigger than the other two falls, but all give Uganda a beautiful scenery. Most people say that sipi falls are the ‘most romantic falls’ in Uganda evidenced by the wonderful falls. This area is majorly where most hikes to Mt. Elgon are commenced at; hiking up to these falls gives a beautiful scenic view, like Lake Kyoga, the karamoja low lands, coffee plantations and other surrounding areas.

The Sipi Falls area is famous for locally grown Bugisu Arabica coffee. Bugisu Arabica only grows at an altitude of between 1,600 and 1,900 metres. Coffee tours are organized through guides with knowledge of coffee farming, processing and roasting. Profits from this go towards community projects.

Sipi is a very peaceful place, occupied by very hospital people with cool climate which makes it very comfortable and fitting for tour walks around the area with the altitudes very giving very good view to surrounding places and environment

Location of Sipi Falls

Sipi falls is located in the Eastern Uganda approximately 300km from Kampala capital city of Uganda in Kapchorwa district. They are found on the foothills of Mountain Elgon just at the edge of Mount Elgon National park nearing the Kenyan border to Uganda. They are roughly 6 hours away drive through kampala-Jinja highway, then from Jinja to Iganga, Iganga to Mbale along Tirinyi Highway.

Activities at Sipi Falls


The Sipi waterfalls are often the starting point for many hikers looking to scale Mountain Elgon. Hiking in Sipi is a nice opportunity to warm and prepare for the more challenging hikes of Mountain Elgon and even Rwenzori Mountains in the West of Uganda. The falls are also popular for their cold water, which some people describe as healing and refreshing

Coffee tours

When visiting Sipi you have a great opportunity to join us for a coffee tour of local farmers. The farmers will take you through the process of planting of the coffee from the nursery beds, into the coffee trees and harvesting. On the coffee tour you will al see how coffee beans are harvested and dried. Afterwards, removing of the shell in a hulling process, roasting process, then the grinding of the beans and brew the coffee in different traditional ways. Finally come the best part of the coffee tour, the enjoying of your own made coffee.

Cultural tours

Being in Kapchorwa there is a lot to see like the Sabiny who basically stay around sipi. Their ways of life, dress code, traditional dances that can be organized by the community. Also this place is known for female and male circumcision, though that of females has reduced over the years since it was found to be unhealthy and risky to women, but that of men is an amazing activity to witness especially if you visit thus area during the time circumcisions are done commonly done by the Bagisu people giving you thrilling experience.


Abseiling & Rock climbing

You need to do abseiling in Uganda; sipi is the place to go. This activity is done at the main water fall and is most enjoyed by adventurous travelers. Equipments also known as rappels to be used are availed and also there are skilled guides to guide you through this exciting adventure.

Accommodation at Sipi Falls

There are a number of accommodation facilities in sipi region, these facilities are Luxurious/Up market, mid range/moderate and those for budget travelers, en suite rooms such as those that have elegant designs, offering better views of the waterfalls are also available, they include; Noah Ark hotel, Sipi falls Lodge, Lacam Lodge, Crows Nest Rest Camp, Sipi River Lodge and many others