Sipi Falls is a series of three waterfalls found at the foothills of Mountain Elgon just at the edge of Mountain Elgon national park near the Kenyan border. The waterfalls are located in the Eastern part of Uganda in Kapchorwa district about 227 kilometers from Kampala city, Ugandan’s capital. The word ‘sipi’ is derived from a sabiny word ‘sep’ which is a name of a wild banana-like plant that grows along the river bank.

The glorious falls were named after the sipi river which in turn was named after a locally grown plant called ‘Sep’. The waterfalls form a nice shower that tourists tour and enjoy after the tiring walk to the falls;

Sipi Falls has good land that supports the production of Organic arabica coffee. The Sabiny and Bagishu people practice coffee growing on the slopes of Mount Elgon.


Sipi Falls has three different waterfall levels each with its own attitude.

Sipi falls consists of three different waterfall levels each with its own altitude. The longest is at 100m high and it’s the main fall with the biggest fall of the series, the second waterfall is at 85 meters and the third waterfall is at 75 meters. These waterfalls are believed to be the most romantic because they give beautiful scenery. It’s at these falls that trekker on mount Elgon start hiking, tracking through the waterfalls give tourists beautiful sights of the slopes of mount Elgon with coffee plantations. The waterfalls have attractive showers that tourists can enjoy after a long tiresome day. Sightly in the shadow of the poring falls is the cave which looks like a ‘curtain cave’ with a cool breeze and it’s a good scenery for taking pictures.


These are the activities carried out in sipi falls, these include the following,

Abseiling and Rock climbing; This activity is done at the waterfall and it is enjoyed by many tourists, equipments such as rappels are used for climbing and there are skilled guides who guide and educate tourists.

Cultural encounters; This involves the dressing code of the sabiny who stay around sipi. Their way of life, dress code, and traditional dances are organized by the community.  The Sabiny community is known for female and male circumcision, though that of females is illegal and prohibited in society since is unhealthy and is risky to women, but that of men is an amazing activity.