Sipi Falls is a series of three waterfalls found at the foothills of Mountain Elgon just at the edge of Mount Elgon national park near the Kenyan boarder. The waterfalls are located in the Eastern part of Uganda in Kapchorwa district about 227 kilometers from Kampala city, Ugandan’s capital. The word ‘sipi’ is derived from a sabiny word ‘sep’ which is a name of a wild banana-like plant that grows along the river bank.

The glorious falls were named after the sipi river which in turn was named after a locally grown plant called ‘Sep’. The waterfalls form a nice shower that tourists tour and enjoy after the tiring walk to the falls;

Sipi Falls has good land that supports the production of Organic arabica coffee. The sabiny and Bagishu people practice coffee growing in the slopes of Mount Elgon.


Sipi Falls has three different waterfall levels each with its own attitude.

Sipi falls consists of three different waterfall levels each with its own altitude. The longest is at 100m high and it’s the main fall with the biggest fall of the series, these series are very attractive and interesting to adventure.

The second waterfall is at 85 meters. It is at this second level that trekkers on Mount Elgon start hiking, so tracking through the waterfalls gives tourists beautiful sights of the slopes of Mount Elgon with coffee plantations, Lake Kyoga, and the lowlands of Karamoja region.

And the third waterfall is 75 meters. These waterfalls are believed to be the most romantic because they give beautiful scenery. The waterfalls have attractive showers that tourists can enjoy after a long tiresome day. Sightly in the shadow of the poring falls is the cave which looks like a ‘curtain cave’ with a cool breeze and it’s a good scenery for taking pictures. The waterfalls form a nice shower that tourists can enjoy after a tiring walk from the falls.

Sipi Falls is one of the best-recommended tourist attractions in Uganda for tourists looking for a cool environment to spend their time.


These sipi waterfall activities are all that you can see and enjoy as you visit the waterfall, these include the following;

Rock climbing and Abseiling

Rock climbing and Abseiling are one of the fantastic activities at Sipi Waterfalls. This activity takes place on the main waterfall whose cliff face is 100 meters tall.


This is the main tourist activity in Sipi fall. The waterfalls are splendid and the steep slopes are exceptionally beautiful.

As you hike through the falls you will move around the villages and past the local residences and you will see people going about their daily lives, you will be able to adventure coffee plantations and banana plantations then you will learn how these crops are grown. There are many guides who will joyfully show you around and tell you more about the waterfall as well as its norms and beliefs.

As you hike to see the three waterfalls you can choose to start hiking from either the bottom or from the top depending on what you prefer most either hike up a slippery trail or hike down it.

Cultural Experience

The sipi areas are inhabited by the Sebei tribe whose culture, traditions, norms and beljiefs are very interesting to learn. The Sebei people are believed to have originated from Ethiopia. The Sebei are by tradition pastoralists, keeping cattle, Goats and sheep, they also grow crops and make a local brew.

In the Sebei tradition girls are circumcisied so that are transformed from childhood to adulthood. The boys are also circumcisied so that they can be transformed to manhood. Though the Sebei people still circumcise girls or young ladies, they do this illegally and it is prohibited by the Ugandan government.

Coffee tours

Sipi and Elgon areas are well known for coffee growing. The type of coffee grown in sipi areas is Arabica coffee and it grows well in altitudes between 1600 1900 meters above sea level.

During your coffee tour you will learn about how coffee is grown and how it is harvested. From when a seed is planted to when the coffee is harvested, processed, roasted and finally made into a delicious cup of tea.

5] Bird watching

In the sipi area, there are many different bird species that are in the gardens, forests, creeks and plantations. This gives you a wonderful experience and memorable adventure.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is another good activity to experience in sipi falls area. You can ride through the footpaths and small roads in the villages and plantations.

Mountain biking is fun in a small group and you can make a game of it as you ride around the falls.


Sipi falls has a very beautiful scenery for taking photographs. The side of Mount Elgon where sipi falls is lush and ever green with spectacular views of Karamoja plains to the west with hundreds of waterfalls.

Cave Exploration

 This is also another exciting activity in sipi falls, there are many caves that are exciting to visit. The beautiful caves are located underneath the powerful waterfalls and standing behind the curtain of water can be such a wonderful experience.

Fly Fishing

This is especially fun for those who love and would love to fish. Rainbow trout were introduced from Kenya into a stretch of the sipi river, just hours walk or 30 minutes’ drive from sipi trading center.


Sipi Falls is probably among the best tourist attractions in Uganda because of its wide popularity with both local and foreign tourists. The various activities like cave exploration have made Sipi an adventure destination