Rwenzori Hiking Requirements


Besides a high level of physical fitness, climbing Rwenzori Mountains, the visitors should ensure that at least the following equipment are on their custody prior to hiking the Rwenzori:

Hiking Boots, Gum boots,

these are strong set of hiking boots very crucial in the early stages of the climb, and in the trek across the glaciers. Gum boots on the other hand are very significant in the mud-covered sections of the mountain trail (PUT PHOTO)


Emergency Kits:

 These are backup medication kits which are very critical. For a large part of the hiking journey, you will at least be a way from even the best emergency services. Most climbers carry their own food, where as some food can also be brought at the park headquarters. You therefore need energy giving food, glucose packs, sweetened juice mixers, dry porridge mix and chocolates. There is no need to carry water as the mountain park provides lots of natural, sparkling and safe drinking water (PUT PHOTO)


Warm Jacket:

After the first camp, the mountain gets much colder below 10 degrees Celsius and usually below freezing at some camps. Therefore a strong, warm shirts, pants, heavy jackets and a decent sleeping bag are all required. A good pair of warm waterproof gloves are as well necessary for a person hiking up to the peaks (PUT PHOTO)



A prevailing waterproof bag is needed since its always wet in the mountain, this bag will help preserve essential items such as cooking utensils if you intend to do your own cooking, a light stove, some plates and cups dry as you hike, these should be in your possession  but also its likely to hire a cook for the trip, though plan to at least have the essentials like plates, cups, forks, knives among others (PUT PHOTO)



All camps have the huts however you may wish to carry a tent as it can improve trip flexibility and ensure to bring the common camping gears like the lighter, touch, toiletries, GPS among others. However keep in mind that while you have porters to help you out carry the equipment, there is a hard limit of about 22kgs as to how much each porter will carry, you would therefore be required to hire more porters if have lots of equipments.


There are limited number of tents, rucksacks and boots at the park headquarters for hire, so to be on safe side, speak to them prior to establish availability of these gadgets. The park offices also provides crampons, ice axes and ropes for the hire especially to those planning to reach up to the peaks, however this doesn’t stop you from brining your own. The warm objects can be usually bought in the city of Kampala, the rest of the items such as medicine, food among others can be found from any decent supermarkets around Kasese town. (PUT PHOTO)