This route was Nicknamed the ‘Coca-Cola’ route as Coke used to be bought along the way in tea huts. Marangu Route is the only route to offer hut accommodation. Out of all routes, the Marangu route is the only one with dormitory style accommodation in huts for the whole duration of the climb. The huts come with mattresses and basic amenities, making them a popular choice for budget tour operators who don’t have the right equipment to tackle the other routes.

It is also the shortest Kilimanjaro route with a relatively poor acclimatization profile (adjustment to change) which contributes to the low success rates on the Marangu route.

It ascends the eastern slope.

The route is often selected by unprepared, inexperienced climbers as a result of the reputation for being the “easiest” Kilimanjaro route, attributing to the lower success rate

The six day itinerary does give trekkers an opportunity to climb high, sleep low; however the elevation is moderate and not as effective as other climb high, sleep low opportunities that are present on other Kilimanjaro routes


This is a classic trek on mountain kirimanjaro. It is the oldest most established route. It is considered to be the easiest path given its gradual slope. it is the only route that offers sleeping huts under the domentry type of accommodation


This is a 5-day climb. It is the shortest climb and you get to stay in the lodges on the mountain which are fairly comfortable. The views are comparable to the other climbs along the way while ascending