Game drives

Lake Manyara national park provides an amazing game drive experience which is made possible by a couple of game drives within the marshlands, woodlands, and grassy vegetation of the park, game drives through the park are offered in periods which may be the day game drive, night game drive, and full day game drive. For a Day game drive, lake Manyara national park offers you a perfect chance to spot many animals like wildebeest, waterbuck, warthog, gazelle, impala, buffalo, wildebeest, waterbuck, warthog, hyena, baboon, giraffes, zebra, elephant, hippo, monkey, among others as they graze from within in the park. Day game drives are also provided in sessions of early morning game drives and afternoon game drives. Night game drive in Lake Manyara national park provides you with an opportunity to see nocturnal animals which cannot be seen during daytime like the predators while they hunt for prey during the night hours. With the aid of a spotlight, you will get a chance to see animals like lions, leopards, Porcupines, hippopotamuses, and many more


Bird watching is among the top 5 activities of Lake Manyara National Park which is a source of pleasure to the park visitors as they enjoy the beautiful and diverse species of birds that live within the park. The Park is a habitat for over 500 bird species both migrant and temporary birds. Bird species that can be found within the park include white pelican, flamingo, grey crowned crane, hamerkop, little stint, pied avocet, pied kingfisher, pink-backed pelican, guinea fowls, , weavers, sacred ibis, saddle-billed stork, silvery-cheeked hornbill, southern ground hornbill, spur-winged goose, African hawk eagle, African jacana, African spoonbill, Baglafecht weaver, comb duck, crowned eagle, African fish eagle, African grey hornbill, the best period for bird viewing is from November to April when the migratory bird species are around the park and also during the dry season from June to October

Boat rides/Canoeing

Amongst the national parks located in northern Tanzania, Lake Manyara national park is just an exceptional park to tour as it offers canoeing and boat ride activities. The park has that extremely beautiful lake Manyara where canoeing and boat ride activities are performed, the boat rides on lake Manyara will give you an observation that’s full of aquatic experiences of the park like the mind aesthetic nature sight alongside exploring some aquatic species, birds like flamingos, animals like the hippopotamus that gather in large numbers within the shores of the lake . During Boat rides or Canoeing, the visitors of the park have the opportunity to see the natural beauty entailed within the soda lake located down the rift valley escarpments. With the fact that Boat riding or Canoeing is an exciting activity within lake Manyara national park, this activity takes place during a specific period of time from 7 am and 5 pm (East African time). The canoes used during boat rides are usually Locally made canoes that are hard, strong, and built of mahogany and fig trees and it’s also a chance for the visitors to interact with the fishermen who come to the lake and spend most of the day around the lake

Nature walks

Nature walks are also one of the many wildlife viewing activities that take place within Lake Manyara national park. Nature walks are always carried out with the company of a ranger guide who escorts the visitors so that in case of any encounter with dangerous or aggressive animals, the visitors are rest assured of their full protection and safety as they travel through the pleasing nice-looking nature within the park. The trails followed by tourists during nature walks include the treetop walkway and Maji moto walkway;

The treetop walkway is that walkway that involves navigating through the forest to enjoy a great experience with nature, wildlife, and birds. During the nature walks, the visitors will walk through various bridges that have strong and secure netting on either side of the bridge for even more protection. The ranger guide will be showing the visitors various aspects of the forest like the different tree and plant species whereas the visitors continue their outdoor experience with nature

Maji moto walkway is the other trail nature walk safari that the visitors visiting the park can walk through as they experience the naturally enriched beautiful environment like the savannah plains, savannah woodlands, and forests,

For that perfect nature walk experience, the visitors are encouraged to listen and follow the various points told to them by the guides because there are some risks that may arise by moving freely and not guarded since the park is home to various wildlife species that move within the open savannah plains

Visiting the Masai bombas

The Surrounding areas of Lake Manyara national park are occupied by the villages of the Masai people who stay in old-fashioned but attractive circular huts usually built-up using mud and straw referred to as bombas by the Masai. The Masai were the early habitants of the parking area before it was gazetted to lake Manyara national park and they now live on the boundaries of the park. The Masai are very friendly hospitable people and usually love singing and dancing as a way of welcoming their visitors.

Other activities that can also be undertaken by visitors in lake Manyara national park include visiting a natural hot spring that boils at 60 degree Celsius making it able to boil an egg in a period of 15 minutes, Camping can also be done within the park as visitors build their camps around the various camping sites, Hiking can also be done as the visitors hike around the rift valley escarpments which is a perfect chance for the visitors to do some physical exercise that will  improve on fitness and health of the body at large