Attraction activities on and around Lake Bunyonyi

Bird watching on Lake Bunyonyi is perfect for birding enthusiasts given that the lake is one of the best birding destinations in Uganda as it harbors different 200 species of birds

Lake Bunyonyi is a fresh water lake good for swimming experiences since it is free from bilharzias and other human diseases and dangerous wildlife like crocodiles and hippos.

Mountain biking is another interesting activity which tourists explore at lake Bunyonyi

Cultural touring, this is most exciting of all where you get to interact with the traditional communities on Islands and around the lake while taking part in some of their cultural customs such as dances, learning their lifestyles

Carrying out nature walks involves walking on foot will viewing and appreciating specatular scenary, landscape views, terraced hills, feeling the cold breeze

Go Zip lining at Lake Bunyonyi

Zip lining is adventurous activity which involves you taking a zip trip across the deep lake in Uganda; other zip trips at around Lake Bunyonyi are conducted between tall trees which surround the lake. It’s hands on experience because it involves you sliding across and splashing the water below.

The whole process of zip lining starts with briefing of the individuals and taking care of safety precautions, our  instructors are patient, supportive and encouraging everything about zip lining is studied in details before the adventures commences, after the briefing the activity starts with a lot of guidance and instructions provided by our supportive team of experts.

Zip lining is such an exciting activity which often gives one an enormous adrenaline rush filled with a lot of experience, first time Zip-liners, be bold-brave-excited and ready to glide across one of the deepest lakes in Africa


Canoeing is an activity at Lake Bunyonyi where tourists explore the lake in an ancient dugout canoe. During this activity you will enjoy the quietness and calmness of the lake, views of the sunset, exploring the different Islands such as punishment, Bwana, Bushara, view the different birds species of birds on the lake such as otters among others, view the clear blue sky. A great combination of canoeing, scenery and natural wonders on this often less crowded natural resource amounts to an enjoyable canoe trip and many find it to be quite environmentally educational as well. During this activity you will be accompanied by the locals who know the lake in and out, the surrounding communities as your guidance, it is an exciting activity don’t miss it because it is affordable.

Bird watching

Lake Bunyonyi being the best destination in Uganda for over 200 species of birds, bird watching is perfect activity not to be missed by our dear tourists. Taking nature way of viewing and watching birds on the trees, at the sky on the lake and along the shores of the lake accompanied by our experts who are knowledgeable about various species of the birds at the lake, our experts are available for any explanation of particular specie if need be. And sitting on the shores while watching different species of birds such as weaver birds, egrets, golden backed weaver, crowned crane, African king fisher, bronzy sunbird, the carnival woodpecker, Herons and many others come experience the amazing and refreshing feeling got from watching birds and absorbing their sound waves.


Lake Bunyonyi waters are free from hazards of bilharzias, and danger of crocodiles and hippos and other wild animals, and having clean and clear water thus providing best opportunities for swimming, the benefits of swimming in this lake are limitless for instance refreshment and enjoyment, body fitness plus others. Lake Bunyonyi being the second deepest lake in Africa inexperienced swimmers are advised to swim near the shores of the lake since these points tend to be swallow

Cultural Tours

Cultural touring is an interesting activity where you get an opportunity to interact with local communities which are found at and on Lake Bunyonyi. During this cultural tour, you will visit the Bakiga who occupy Kabale district, learn their lifestyles which involves making of drink called “Bushera” from sorghum and millet grains, their abundant energy for digging, how they make their local beers from bananas, have a look at their cultural dances, taste their local food among other cultural practices.

Our tourists are also able to meet a very interesting group of people called Batwa/pygmies who were resettled from Echuya forest. During this visit you will interact with Batwa, listen to their stories how there were hunters and gatherers when they were still settled at the forest and how they are finding it difficult to survive on resettled place, you will be entertained by listening to their traditional songs, watching cultural dances, story-telling among other practices which is refreshing and mind blowing.