wildebest in serengetiThe 5-days safari overview

The 5- day safari begins by visiting Masai mara national reserve with breathtaking views of the rift valley, followed by game drives within the national reserve, then heading to lake Nakuru national park as you see the various wildlife creatures within the park, then joining in for a boat cruise at Lake Naivasha then ending the tour at Hell’s gate national park

5 days safari tour summary

Day 1: Transfer from Nairobi city to Masai Mara National Reserve

Day 2: Full-Day Game Drive within Maasai Mara National Reserve

Day 3: Departure from Masai Mara National Reserve to lake Nakuru national park

Day 4: Morning drive at Lake Nakuru national park and transfer to Lake Naivasha for a boat cruise

Day 5: Transfer from lake Naivasha to Nairobi city


Detailed itinerary of 5-day safari tour

Day 1; Transfer from Nairobi city to Masai Mara National Reserve

On day 1, upon waking up, you will be served with delicious breakfast and thereafter be picked up by the driver from your hotel. The journey will start and you will travel a distance of about 225 kilometers which is about approximately a 6-hour or 6.5-hour drive through the Rift Valley viewpoint which will give you the experience of the breathtaking views of the Rift Valley floor. You will definitely arrive on time for lunch and check in to your lodge for some relaxation. In the evening, you will depart for the evening game drive also known as the sunset game drive where the probability of viewing big cats like Lion, leopards, and Cheetahs is really high. The game drive ends in the evening and then you return back to the lodge for a delicious dinner buffet and then call it a day

Meal Plan: All meals included

Day 2: Full-day Game Drive at Masai Mara National Reserve

On day 2, you will have your early breakfast and then kickstart your full-day game drive journey.  On this day, you will spend the whole day touring and exploring Masai Mara national reserve as you will encounter various wildlife species and examples of the big five and other wildlife animals like the hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, hyenas, elands, gazelles’ leopards, lions and bird species like ducks, egrets, geese, herons, ostriches, hornbills, pelicans, spoonbills and storks. It is also in Masai mara where you will have a chance to also experience the annual wildebeest migration which includes the wildebeests and zebras as they migrate from Serengeti national park in search of water and pasture. During the full-day game drive activity, you will have a picnic lunch under the tree shade of the croton trees that overlooks the vast landscape around the park. After the full-day game drive, you will then return back to the lodge, have dinner and call it a day.

Meal plan: All meals included

Day 3: Departure from Masai Mara National Reserve to lake Nakuru national park

On day 3, you will have an early breakfast, then be picked by a driver as you commence on your journey from Masai mara national reserve to lake Nakuru national park. The distance is only 240 kilometers which is 150 miles but it will take approximately 6 hours to get there as some of the roads are dusty and bumpy. During the journey, you will pass through the numerous small towns of the Maasai community as you see their traditional and cultural way of life for example, you will see the Maasai villages that are surrounded by thorn-filled tree branches which act as a protection measure from wild animals. Along the journey to lake Nakuru national park, you will also encounter various animals along the road like baboons, and monkeys. Within the journey, there will be a lunch stop over at Georges Resort where you will have your delicious meal and then head straight to Lake Nakuru national park for an evening game drive. During the evening game drive, you will be able to see animals like giraffes, cape buffaloes, olive baboons, waterbucks, hippos, colobus monkeys, spotted hyenas, zebras, gazelles, leopards, lions and others. After the evening game drive which ends at 6:00 pm, you will then head straight to the lodge, have a delicious dinner and then get some rest for the day.

Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner

Day 4: Morning drive at Lake Nakuru national park and transfer to Lake Naivasha for a boat cruise

On day 4, you will have breakfast there after going for a morning game drive in lake Nakuru national park and then depart to lake Naivasha where you will see various bird species like fish eagles, ospreys, lily trotters and more. The lake is also a spot for animal viewing as animals like giraffes, waterbucks, elands, wildebeests, zebras, impalas and hippos usually like being around the lake.  A boat ride activity is available which offers you the best opportunity to see the birds. lunch will be taken at Hotel Villa Grazia. After having enough fun at lake Naivasha, you will then return back to the place of accommodation where you will have dinner and a rest

Meal plan: All meals are included

Day 5: Transfer from Lake Naivasha to Nairobi

On day 5, you will have breakfast from the resort and then check out of the resort and then proceed to Hell’s Gate National Park and tour its towering cliffs, gaping gorges and dry valleys. The name “Hells Gate” is often referred to as the valley with steep cliffs that run within the park. The Park does not have any harmful species but is home to wildlife creatures like buffalo, giraffes, zebras and rodents which add to your wildlife-viewing experience. After that experience, you will be driven back to Nairobi with a drop-off at your preferred hotel or lodge. The amazing 5-day tour ends here.

Meal plan: Breakfast

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