The overview

This Rwanda kayaking safari is the most enjoyable strategy to get from Gisenyi to Kibuye.  Paddling peacefully down the shore, experience the life cycle of Rwanda’s famous coffee business, from shrubs on islands to a cup of exquisite coffee, at Cyimbili. Stopping at Kinunu, which has a tiny guesthouse and a beautifully romantic cabin with breathtaking views. Continue down the coast for one last night on a gorgeous, isolated island teeming with bird life. Then, before arriving at a hotel in Kibuye, paddle across the deep azure waters of Lake Kivu’s ‘Bay of Islands,’ island hopping past additional uninhabited islands like Napoleon Island with its famed bat colony.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Pick up from hotel in Kigali and travel around Gisenyi to Cyimbili

After breakfast, the tour guide driver will pick you up from your Gisenyi resort and transport you down the shoreline to take in the peaceful and lovely environment. The first stop is Cyimbili, in which you can observe the coffee process from beans of coffee growing on the bush to a delicious cup of freshly roasted and made coffee. Near Cyimbili, you can enjoy stunning views of the coffee islands from the water and can go on a short paddle around them after lunch. Dinner and a night’s rest at the Coffee Islands Guest House.

Meal Plan: All meals are included

Day 2: Paddle from Cyimbili to Kinunu Island

After breakfast today, you will have a moderate paddle down the coast, where bays and inlets offer a captivating and scenic backdrop for your trip. You will arrive in Kinunu just in time for lunch, and then take a trip within Bugarura Island, which is among the largest Rwandan islands in Lake Kivu. Landing on the island to check out its church, old mosque, and open market, but what makes it unique is that it provides what is possibly the most scenic, panoramic view on the entire Lake Kivu. Return to Kinunu Island for dinner and a night’s rest.

Meal plan: All meals are included

Day 3: Paddle from Kinunu Bugarura Island

The day begins with a breathtaking vista of Lake Kivu’s ‘Bay of Islands,’ with Kibuye and other hills rising in the background. You may go around Bugarura Island before proceeding along the coastline to a lovely deserted island. Numerous bird species dart in and out of the vegetation, which is still primarily covered with natural trees. Take the afternoon to admire the island and its birdlife, or go on a short optional paddle deeply into an intriguing inlet on the mainland with full access to the island, which the camp will set up for you, and buy fish for dinner from local fishermen to support a local community.

Meal Plan: All meals are included

Day 4: Bugarura Island to Kibuye

You awake to a very beautiful dawn chorus in the quiet of the lake. After a simple morning meal, the most memorable part of this journey is Kibuye because it allows you to kayak through Lake Kivu’s ‘Bay of Islands,’ an idyllic setting as opposed to other places in the country. Today, go to Napoleon Island, stopping to stare at the bats that compete for the best roost. You then go to ‘island hop,’ possibly stopping to cool off in the crystal clear and amazingly clean, pure water. Before arriving at Kibuye, you are going to stop for lunch on Amohoro (Peace) Island, where you will have time to reflect on how special the last few days have been. After then, it’s simply a short paddle to Bethany Lodge to bring this safari to a close.

Meal plan: All meals are included

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