The overview

This three-day cultural tour safari takes you to Fort Portal in western Uganda that includes excursions to the Tooro Kingdom, home to one of the world’s youngest kings, as well as exploration of crater lakes, caves, waterfalls, and wildlife viewing at Semuliki National Park.

The highlights of the safari

Exploration of Amabere Ga’nyinamwiru Caves
Vistas of crater lakes
Hiking of the amber cave hill
Game drive and a visit to Sempaya hot springs touring of Tooro kingdom
Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Transfer to Fort Portal, explore Amabere caves, and community walk
After breakfast, depart on a 5-hour drive to Fort Portal, arriving in time for lunch. After lunch, visit the Amabere Ga’nyinamwiru Caves with a local guide, where you will trail into the caves for amazing views. View the caves with stunning stalagmites and stalactites with milky substances inside and see beautiful waterfalls adjacent. The guide will walk you through the area’s history and traditions. Following that, you will go hiking along the hills formed by volcanic eruptions, circle the hill up to the top offering a spectacular perspective, and witness swamps/wetlands, and crater lakes formed by volcanic eruptions while on the top of the hill.
After the hike, you will descend the hill to your accommodation in Fort Portal town, refresh yourself, and then have a brief rest. In the evening, go for a community walks around Fort Portal town to meet the friendly Batooro people. You can choose to stay in town for the nightlife in the bars and clubs. Dinner and resting at the hotel.
Meal plan: All meals are included

Day 2: Drive to Semuliki national park for a game drive & hot spring visit
After breakfast, you will be driven to Semuliki National Park for a game drive, where you will see creatures such as buffalos, warthogs, chimps, monkeys, and other bird species. Following the game drive, you will visit the Sempaya thermal springs. You will see the water boiling by itself utilizing natural forces at the springs. After this unforgettable adventure, return to Fort Portal in the evening for leisure, dinner, and an overnight stay at the hotel.
Meal plan: All meals are included

Day 3: A morning visit to Tooro Kingdom palace and transfer back to Kampala
After an early breakfast, you will visit the Toro royal palace and other cultural attractions in the area. The Toro Kingdom is the residence of the world’s youngest king, “Oyo.” You are going to discover the Toro kingdom’s history, customary attire code, language is spoken, prior kings and where they are buried, and various items that illustrate their culture. Learn more about the Toro kingdom and its inhabitants while visiting the palace with a local guide who will walk you through the Toro kingdom’s history in depth. Following this adventure, you will be driven back to Kampala and then to your accommodation in Kampala or Entebbe, bringing this safari to a close.
Meal plan: All meals are included