The overview of Natural Mikumi safari

wildlife encounter on 3days Natural Mikumi safariNatural Mikumi safari on wildlife trip begins and concludes in Dar es Salaam. It takes you to Mikumi National Park, Tanzania’s second-largest national park.

It is the sole route that leads to a deep experience of being in Africa because it takes you on a walking safari to see all of the wonderful nature Tanzania has to offer, as well as a wildlife drive and a visit to the most popular Masai tribe at their true village to see what African natural lifestyle looks like.

Detailed Itinerary of 3days Natural Mikumi safari

Day 1: Transfer from Dar-Es-Salaam to Mikumi for a walking safari

After breakfast, you will depart Dar es Salaam for a 6-hour trip to Mikumi National Park. Make stops along the way if you feel the desire to visit more of the Tanzanian native villages that are situated beside the road.

Arrive in Mikumi in time for lunch, then take a short break before embarking on a 2-hour walking safari with an armed park ranger to safeguard you as you stroll through Mikumi National Park. Expect to encounter zebras, giraffes, elephants, impalas, wildebeests, warthogs, monkeys, and a variety of bird species on the walking safari. You will later return to your lodge for leisure and relaxation, dinner, and overnight stay.

Meal plan: All meals are included

Day 2: Full-day game drive in Mikumi national park

Encount the elephant during our Natural Mikumi safariAfter an early morning breakfast, depart from your camp or safari lodge for an early morning game drive in Mikumi, in which you will be able to see the early risers, particularly large cats such as lions and leopards, as well as other uncommon animals when they are actively hunting.

Continue with the game drive and picnic lunch in the midst of the wilderness. In Mikumi National Park, you may see a variety of wild species, including elephant families, herds of giraffes, impalas, and antelopes, lions, wildebeests, buffalos, and a large number of zebras, wild birds, and crocodiles, among others. Enjoy the whole day searching and viewing of wild animals in the vast land of Mikumi. In the evening you will be driven back to the lodge for relaxation, dinner and overnight stay.

Meal plan: All meals are included

Day 3: Morning Masai Village exploration and transfer back to Dar es Salaam

Visiting the village during our 3days natural mikumi safariOn this day, after breakfast, you head out to the Masai village to find out about the Masai people. Learn a lot from Masai people, such as how their families live, how they marry, as well as the kind of business activities they engage in to save money to support their living expenses. After this exciting tour, you will return to the resort to check out before departing for the drive back to Dar es Salaam, stopping for lunch en route.

Depending on your flight time, you will be dropped off at the airport or at the lodge, bringing the incredible safari to a close.

Meal plan: Breakfast and lunch

Brief information about Mikumi national park

Mikumi National Park is Tanzania’s fourth largest. It’s also the most accessible from Dar es Salaam. With proven wildlife sightings, it makes a great safari destination for people who are short on time. Two days or more can provide you a chance to enjoy the splendour of Mikumi National Park.

Mikumi National Park situated in between the Uluguru Mountains and the Lumango River has been slated to be a major hotspot for Tanzania’s tourist sector since the development of a motorway linking it to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s busiest and largest city. Mikumi’s terrain is reminiscent of the Serengeti National Park, with savannah grasslands filled with tamarinds, acacia, baobab, and unique palms, as well as characteristic African savannah species.

Mikumi National Park has a wide range of features, including Savanah plains, Acacia trees, Baobab trees, Tamarind trees, and Palm trees. Elephants, impalas, eland, zebras, greater kudu, wildebeests, buffaloes, and sable antelopes are among the many animal species that can be observed traversing the park’s savannah vegetation. Several bird species, including the Yellow-throated Longclaw, Bateleur eagle, Lilac-breasted Roller can also be seen.

The greatest time to visit Mikumi National Park and see outstanding wildlife sightings is during the dry season, which runs from June through October. During this period, the vegetation is thinner, and animals may be seen gathering around the freshwater source, the Mkata River. This is also a busy season, with many tourists visiting during this time of year.