best places to visit in Rwanda

Rwanda is a landlocked country in East Africa. It is one of the smallest countries on the African Mainland with its capital city, being Kigali located, a few degrees South of the Equator Rwanda is bordered by Uganda Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The climate is temperate subtropical with two rainy seasons and to dry seasons each year. Rwanda has a population of over 2.3 million living on twenty-six thousand three hundred thirty-eight square meters of land and therefore it is the most densely populated county on Mainland Africa, Rwanda is developing its economy. Suffered heavily in the Wake of 1994 genocide but its economy has since been based mostly on subsistence Agriculture and coffee and other major cash crops for export with a nominal GDP of 3.2 billion dollars and nominal GDP per capital of $830. This 12.3 million populated country has English, French Kinyarwanda Swahili as its official languages and use the Rwandan Franc as its official currency, music, and dance are an integral part of Rwandan culture, particularly drums on the highly choreographed tour dance

Tourism is a fast-growing sector and is now the Country’s leading foreign exchange earner. Rwanda is one of only two countries in which mountain gorillas can be visited safely and visitors pay high prices for gorilla tracking permits. But before you go for service visit in Rwanda, below are ten best places serving your bucket list as you visit Rwanda.

  1.  Kigali Genocide memorial

She says that, it is true that the Kigali genocide memorial is not known for its overall beauty. It is a plain modern building, surrounded by gardens on marking the site of one of the largest massacres, the city of Concord mass of Grace, however, this is a significant and hand-wound insight, which should not be missed. The exhibition here is both shocking and thought-provoking in attempts to appease together the causes and events of the three-month genocide which destroyed Rwanda 1994. Thousands of first-hand account for documented and personal film footage in photography is showcased. Illustrating the collection of events in a simple and striking way. 99.9% of the Rwandan population was affected by the horrific. Violence of the genocide, a dark past which makes the present friendliness and Goodwill of the country’s locals all the more inspiring, the men’s exhibit hall wraps around poignant sculptures and features stained glass windows that cast a hopeful glow on the space. The museum continues with another permanent as exhibit on the history of the genocide around the world and intervention efforts of international communities helping to put Rwanda genocide into context. The museum also includes an emotional Church children’s room dedicated to the youngest victims of the genocide. It keeps the memory alive through the oversized purchases of the children, some of whom were just infants when they were killed and personal details about the victims, like their nicknames and favorite books.

While it is heartbreaking, this is in the Kigali Genocide Memorial is an important part of being a responsible tourist in Rwanda.

  1. Kigali city

After visiting and appreciating the history of Rwanda, she explains how one can take a lighter mood with the ninth best place to visit in Rwanda the capital city Kigali, many travelers spend only a night in Kigali before gorilla trekking missing out on the vibrant culture Cuisine and sightseeing in Rwanda’s Capital City, to enjoy Kigali stock up the cultural clothes from swirling parts and textiles and experience energetic atmosphere at Kigali Largest market Kimironko market. The warehouse space is like a maze with surprises around every corner, Kigali creative scene at the Nema at Center is a gallery that showcases the Works of up to ten local artists and residents, make your way to the Rwanda art museum, the former presidential palace, at this place some of the finest contemporary pieces from Rwanda and nearby regions you can also see debris from the presidential aircraft that crashed in 1994.

Also, the cuisine of Rwanda is something but Kigali’s kitchens and restaurants with suckling meals and jaw-dropping coffee drinks. LUPA Nrama restaurant at hotel meal Colline offers dazzling views of the city along with even more romantic setting heads of fusion restaurants are fresco dining room at another retreat hotel. It overlooks a twinkling pool and serves up homemade pastries flavor for status and fresh seafood. Kigali is definitely much of everything in Rwanda from history to contemporary.

  1. The Gorilla Guardians Village

The Gorilla Gardens Village is a place for those with great adventure on their mind as it is a prime spot to immerse you in Rwanda culture at gorilla Guardians Village. Rwanda reforms poachers, and the nonprofit cultural Village gives them a chance to try their hands at Rwanda’s most famous crafts and activities. You’ll learn how to carry a basket on your head like the Rwandan women do with your own basket, shoot an arrow and grind reigns with a heavy Stone. The enthusiastic guides make the entire experience feel like a big party. It’s worth sticking around for the dance recital at Gorilla Guardians Village, the traditional dances that top with long straws, wigs, and skirts put on an exciting show to the bit of rhythmic drumming. The beauty of the gorillas Guardians Village is the fact that you participate in all activities, which makes it hard for you to leave on your own.

  1. Nyungwe Forest National Park.

It is located in the South West of Rwanda, It is a diverse flora and fauna with over 200 species of birds in the area. It may sound unexpected but Rwanda is home to one of Africa’s last remaining high-altitude tropical rainforests situated in Nyungwe Forest National Park. It is one of the most biodiverse forests in the world and is home to more than 1080 plant species, as well as 250 Albertine Rift and many bird types are the attractions that bring in any bird watchers from all over the globe. Any trip here must include a high canopy walk where visitors can take to the Treetops to view the forest in its full Majesty. The park is supported by both USA and the global development company named TDye with the overall aim being to make Nyungwe a viable equatorial destination where resources are invested into the local community in a sustainable income source is created for regional natives.

  1. Lake Kivu.

It is a Freshwater lake in Rwanda, the length of Lake Kivu is 89 kilometers and the width 48 kilometers. It has been found that there was a lot of bogus present in Lake Kivu in its depth. The two thousand seven hundred square kilometre emerald green oversee surrounded by misty mountains, and it has the world’s tenth largest island in it. Sockets all from Rubato a resort on the northern tip of Lake Kivu. It has a lively waterfront, Sandy Beach, and stunning resorts, including the Lake Kivu, Serena hotel get even closer to the landscape with nature nest safaris. The tour operator can arrange a stunning sunset kayak trip with singing fishermen on the Kivu as well as multi-day paddling adventures. That will leave you in awe of all the glory of the lake.

  1. Akagera national park

The land of water, land of grass, and the land of fire is the literal translation of Akagera national park. It is located between Rwanda and the border of Tanzania towards the east direction, replicating scenes like those seen in The Lion King, the breathtaking Akagera National Park is home to some of the most impressive animals on the planet, including Elephants zebras, buffalos, baboons, Leopards and Hyenas. Creatures have found a home here among the stunning Savannah, dramatic Mountains, green grasslands, and tree Fringe Lakes, managed by the African Parks organization the 1140 km2 park expands is one of central Africa’s largest protected Wetlands. They can boast all the big five animals along with an abundance of birds and Antelope. The park is still working on including lions and Rhinos but there are a lot of Zebras hippos, crocodiles, Elephants, and giraffes on a self-drive safari.

  1. Kings Palace Museum

Kings Palace Museum found the Nyanza road in the Nyanza District South Province. It is one of Rwanda’s most historic museums, if the country’s passion and conservation efforts don’t convince you that Rwandans don’t have a reverence for Animals, a visit to King’s Palace Museum certainly will. The star attraction at the Museum, which is one of Rwanda’s eighth National museums is the inyambol sacred cows and the staggeringly large horns.  Throughout the day, the traditional singers lure the cows into a mellow state with built-in poems, a ritual that is unique to Rwanda. The museum itself is just as interesting as the four-legged beasts found there. It showcases a replica of a king’s Palace from the 15th century with a thatched roof, Royal heard and fresh milk traditionally run by unmarried men. Tourists can also explore the colonial-style home that was once the Royal residence of King Mutaara III Ruda lingua in the mid-twentieth century. The interior design is particularly striking blending London patterns with European-style furniture

  1. Ethnographic museum

An ethnographic museum is located one hundred and thirty kilometers south of Kigali in the district of Butare and formerly known as the National Museum of Rwanda changed as for modern times to be called the Ethnographic Museum. It was started in the year 1989. It is said that the Belgians were helpful in making this museum especially the Belgian government. Belgium gifted the museum to the city in 1989 all of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Rwanda’s independence. The Ethnographical Museum’s seven galleries stick toys back in times of pre-colonial Rwanda. You will see an impressive collection of woven baskets, traditional garments made from animal hides and woven grass, Spears and Bows, musical drums from hundreds of years ago, and old Farming tools. Boys can step inside an authentic Royal home and learn how it was constructed as the museum also hosts life handicraft demonstrations

  1. Mount Bisoke

Mount Bisoke is situated in one of the country’s most scenic areas, it is an active volcano on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo is a must-see for anyone looking to explore the beauty of Rwanda as provincial areas. A return track up to be Bisoke would take you about six or seven hours and the privileges well worth it, even if it is a little steep at times, the ascending involves traversing up the South Western flank of the volcano to the summit where Splendid vistas of the Crater Lake can be enjoyed, during the descent visitors can follow a track with wonderful views of the Pac Nacional de vous mangez can be seen

  1. Volcanoes National Park

The number one place to visit in Rwanda is Volcanoes National Park shares a border with Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This National Park and Rwanda is home to a growing number of critically endangered mountain gorillas. Experts estimate that there are about 600 gorillas in the park a significant increase from around 240 to 250 in 198. To visit one of the 18 mountain gorilla families that have been habituated to humans. You will need to obtain one of the limited numbers of daily tracking permits for 1500 dollars. The easiest way to do this is through our naturenestsafaris reputable tour operator company, we can also arrange transportation from Kigali to the park headquarters through carrental4x4 Travel Company.

The trekking experience typically lasts between four to eight hours most of which is spent hiking through mystical bamboo forests while Meadows in swampy areas. Guides from the National Park Service will eventually lead to one of the habituated gorilla families. You’ll spend an hour observing the creatures as they eat, care for the babies, and interact with one another. The above are the top 10 places to visit in Rwanda